✨ Elevate Your Event with the Ultimate Musical Duo

🎵 Pop | 🎶 Modern | 🏠 House Music | 🥁 Live Entertainment | 💒 Weddings | 🎉 Corporate Events

Prepare to be swept away by a musical experience like no other. Our exceptional duo is your passport to an event that oozes sophistication, excitement, and exclusivity. We are not just musicians; we are your ultimate entertainers.. specialists in upbeat pop and modern music.

🎶 We cover all the bases

Experience the convenience and seamless flow of a full-day musical journey with us. From the soulful acoustic tunes that accompany your ceremony and drinks reception to the high-energy dance floor anthems that keep the party alive late into the night, we provide an all-encompassing musical experience. With our expertise in pop, modern, soul, indie and house music, combined with live vocals, percussion and guitar performances, every phase of your event becomes a harmonious celebration. Trust us to curate a musical backdrop that transitions seamlessly throughout the day, ensuring your event is unforgettable from start to finish.

✨ The setlist is versatile

Its not just modern and pop music, we are just at home playing indie and rock music if thats what floats your boat. Think big sing along choruses for the end of the event!

🎧 DJ & Interactive Entertainment

We don't just play music; we curate unforgettable experiences. As DJs, we keep the dance floor alive, seamlessly transitioning between genres to cater to diverse tastes. Interact with your guests, take song requests, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

🎙️ Versatility Beyond Compare

Our dynamic duo combines the sultry tones of a charismatic singer with a skilled DJ, guitarist and percussionist. From pop to modern hits, from soulful ballads to irresistible house beats, we've got every musical note covered.

✨ Motown and Soul

Start the evening with the perfect motown and soul playlist - curated by us and enjoyed by you.

🎧 Live instruments and vocals

As well as being DJs we are seasoned live performers. That experience allows us to mix and match genres or focus on your particular musical choices.

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver EVERYTHING for your event

  • 🌟 A chilled acoustic duo
  • 🌟 Modern upbeat acoustic mashups
  • 🌟 Live vocals, guitar and sax
  • 🌟 DJ tracks with vocals and percussion
  • 🌟 Ibiza style sax and percussion with DJ
  • 🌟 Great sound system and light show