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Groove Manuva play all sorts of events but specialise in weddings! We are a professional Leeds wedding band with experience playing all over the country and internationally. We play lots of weddings every year and get positive feedback from our clients 100% of the time.

We work with all of the top UK wedding agencies but you can book us here DIRECT for our lowest price. Leeds is our home and this is where we travel from for every gig. If you hire us for a wedding in the Leeds area then we wont add any travel costs to our fee, we can play for our lowest fee possible.

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Band Line Ups

Groove Manuva are available for weddings and events in any configuration from a 4 piece band up to an 8 piece band. We have three main options however:

The 4 piece core band

This is our Core Band option. Drums, bass, guitar and male vocals form the main 4 piece unit capable of reproducing all the songs you could need for your event. The band step things up a notch however with the use of samplers, drum pads and effects to allow them to accurately reproduce just about any song you could imagine.

More about the core band..

The 5 piece core band

The 4 piece band can be expanded to 5 with the addition of our amazing female saxophonist / vocalist. Expect an added sprinkling of funk and class with a wider repertoire and a fuller sound.

More about the core band..

The 7 or 8 piece show band

This is our Show Band option. Drums, bass, guitar, male vocals and saxophone are joined by our female vocalist and keyboard player to make up the 7 piece band. All the repertoire of the core band but with the added class of female vocals and piano to really hit the soul and motown spot.

Want more brass? Who doesn't?! Add our amazing trumpet player to the lineup for the classic full 8 piece soul experience.

More about the show band..

We play weddings in Leeds all the time..

Why not take a read of some of our write ups from weddings we have played in the Leeds area ;)

New Dock Leeds Events Band March 31, 2019

Events Band and Music at the New Dock Leeds

Congratulations Yorkshire Water in raising over ONE MILLION POUNDS for the amazing wateraid charity! We were very honoured to have played the wateraid ball for the second year in a row at the New Dock venue at the royal armouries in Leeds. As usual it was a great turnout and people gave generously for this …
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Events Band Leeds March 5, 2019

Events Band Leeds at the Lakeside Cafe Roundhay Park

The lakeside cafe is a lovely spot in the historic Roundhay Park in Leeds. As the name suggests, the cafe is next to the lake so expect glorious views out over the water. And THIS weekend it was the venue for Jamie and Jane’s birthday celebration. What a lovely couple, and we were really glad …
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Wedding and Acoustic Music at Middleton Lodge - North Yorkshire Wedding December 19, 2018

Wedding and Acoustic Music at Middleton Lodge – North Yorkshire Wedding

Christmas was fast approaching and one of our last weddings of 2018 was for the lovely Lucie and Scott at Middleton Lodge near Richmond in North Yorkshire. We started the day with an acoustic set in the afternoon during the drinks reception in the main entrance hallway. This is always a favourite part of the …
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groove manuva acoustic wedding duo leeds


When you book the duo as an addition to a full evening band set.

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* Offer valid when booking is made between October and December 2018

Here are some of the wedding venues we have played in and around Leeds:

Our standard service is outlined below and is fully customisable to suit your event. We can add extra musicians, take some away, play extra songs or do a longer set. Just let us know what's on your mind and tell us how we can help your wedding be a success!

Wedding Service

Wedding Service Leeds

Our standard wedding service for events up to 300 people is a s follows

  1. Arrival from 5.30pm on Sat/Sun. From 6.30pm on Fridays
  2. Two hours of live music. Either 2 x 60mins or 3 x 40mins
  3. Free laptop dj service before, at the break and at the end of our sets until 12am
  4. A live first dance of your choice
  5. All lighting and sound equipment provided
  6. All equipment is PAT tested and we have public liability insurance (required by many venues)
  7. The band will be smartly presented

We know that every event is different. We will liaise with you leading up to your event and make sure that our service is tailored to your requirements. Your venue may need the band to be there at a certain time and to follow certain rules/regulations. We are happy to speak to the venue on your behalf and make sure that things run as smoothly as they can.

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Wedding Service Extras

wedding band Leeds

Please contact us to discuss any of the added options below (or anything else that you can think of!)

  1. Arrival prior to 5.30pm or finish after 12am
  2. Additional live music (maybe an extra 30min or 60min set)
  3. Manned DJ service with a band member taking song requests
  4. Extra live songs that are not already on our song list that we will learn with notice
  5. Larger sound system for bigger events up to 1000 people
  6. Extra band members - maybe another brass player to make a full section

We can also offer smaller band sizes for different budgets as well as music for earlier on in you wedding day.

  1. The band can appear as a smaller 4,5,or 6 piece band at a reduced fee
  2. Additional musicians can be added. Our most requested option is either one or two extra brass players to make up a full section
  3. Acoustic guitar and female vocalist for during your drinks reception or ceremony
  4. Solo piano/keyboard player for during your drinks reception or ceremony

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Once you have hired our wedding band.

Arrival and soundcheck

We can arrive at your event from 5.30pm on the day (6.30 generally on Fridays) and will need parking close to the venue with a clear way to bring equipment into the building. Our full set up usually takes us about 90 minutes. We will discretely load our equipment into the venue being as careful as we can not to disturb guests. We will need to spend at least 30 minutes playing full volume to check levels and get the sound as good as possible towards the end of the set-up process. If an earlier set up time is needed then we can accommodate this but there may be an extra cost.

After setting up

We will set up some background music through our sound system whilst your guests arrive and we go to get changed into our stage clothes. This is usually when we would eat so we request that the caterers know to provide meals and soft drinks/tea/coffee for the band. We also need somewhere to get changed – usually the venue is happy to provide a room for that purpose. If it’s not practical to eat at this point then it’s fine to arrange it for the first break.

First set

At the agreed time we will start your first dance or the first song of the set. We will liaise with you so that you are happy with the arrangements for this (if you would like us to invite other guests to the dance floor for example). At this point you can just leave everything else to us and enjoy yourselves! We play for about one hour and will then take a break, leaving music playing from our laptop so your guests can carry on dancing if they would like to.

Second set and the end of the night

By this point the party should be really swinging! We will play about another hour of live music, making sure you are all having a really good time. When we finish we will keep carefully selected music playing through our sound system until our contracted end time (12am). Only then will we start to pack down our equipment. The packing down process usually takes about one hour.


Take a read of our 8 things to considered when hiring a band for your wedding

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