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Getting The Most From Your Wedding Band in 2019


Getting married next year? Read our handy guide on how to get the most from your wedding band!

1. First! Make sure you have an EXPERIENCED band. They will likely have encountered just about everything that might happen at a wedding before. They should know how to take care of most things which takes much of the pressure away from you!

2. Save 25% on your wedding band! Agencies will always add a large booking fee so find the band you want on the agency site or google, and then approach them directly. Saving is nice!

3. SONG CHOICES – It sounds obvious, but pick a band that plays the type of music that you like. At an early stage ask to see their setlist and check that their music is the type of thing you want. Bear in mind that the band will not sound the same as the original. Songs that you like from your ipod might not work that well with a live band but conversely, songs that you wouldn’t normally listen to might sound amazing!

4. THINK ABOUT YOUR GUESTS. What type of music do your guests prefer? Other people might not share your music tastes so ask the band to play things that would appeal to everyone over the course of the evening. If you manage to hit something that everyone enjoys then you are on to a winner.

5. FIRST DANCE OR NOT?! Would you like the band to play your first dance? This is a super special moment and having a live band play your special song is something you will remember forever. Be sure to give them plenty of notice so they can have a think about the best way to play it.

6. Finally – An experienced wedding band will know which songs to play and in which order. Use their knowledge of what works and then suggest some songs that you like too. That way you have the best of both worlds. Use their experience to make sure you get what you want – all your guests having a great time!