Make Your Wedding Budget Go Further in 2017

Make Your Wedding Budget Go Further in 2017

Weddings can be stressful. You have to deal with family, friends and organising everything as well as worrying about how much everything costs. According to experts the average cost of a wedding in the Uk in 2016/2017 is £20,500.

Luckily if you are organised there are many things that you can do to bring this cost down without sacrificing quality or affecting how good a time everybody will have on your big day. If you are less worried about how you are going to afford your wedding then you are more likely to have an enjoyable day where you can focus on your partner and family.

1. Save 20-25% on the cost of your wedding band by booking them directly. If you book through an online agent, a big extra fee is typically added. You can use the agency websites to find bands you like and then google search them to ask for a direct price. You will be very happy at the cost after receiving some quotes from agencies!

2. Haggle when you by your wedding rings. Specialist dealers buy in bulk and it is a very competitive market for them. Instead of using a high street jeweller, go to Hatton Garden in London or the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham. You should be able to find better quality at a better price.

3. Trim your guest list. Have you or your parents spoken to this person in the last year? Are they a colleague or business acquaintance who wont mind? Exes?! Does this person know about the wedding and would their presence make it any more fun? Consider dropping some of these to make room for the people that make you truly happy.

4. Haggle some more! Wedding suppliers want your business so get quotes from multiple companies and then ask the ones you prefer to do you a deal. This applies to cake makers, photographers, bridal car and hair stylists.

5. Consider a DIY approach. A wedding venue can be expensive when you add up everything that goes with it. Why not do some of it yourself? If you know someone with land, hire companies can provide an inside area (tipis?!), food and drinks without the price tag of a stately home.

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