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Wedding at Kings Hall and Winter Gardens Ilkley

Wedding at Kings Hall and Winter Gardens, Ilkley

We had the great privilege to play for Ailsa and Graham at their lovely wedding at the King’s Hall and Winter Gardens in Ilkley this weekend. This is a beautiful venue in the heart of Yorkshire which boasts a curved iron balcony, grand staircase and a spa lantern glass roof which looks amazing.

From speaking to the couple in the weeks leading up to the wedding we knew that they wanted to have a great party; plenty of feel good music to make guests dance, and all credit to family and friends in attendance, they did! We had a great time and from speaking to people at the end of the night, they did too.

The newlywed couple are truly lovely people and we really enjoyed meeting them and the immediate family. We knew that there had been some challenges leading up to the wedding so to be part of the event which happened in such a beautiful way was a real privilege for us. Thanks Ailsa and Graham for inviting us to be part of your big day!